Clinical Supervision

Mental health professionals, social workers and therapists

Professional Supervision

I offer individual and group supervision for mental health professionals, psychotherapists and social workers. Supervision is offered in line with the AASW Supervision Standards to enhance professional skills and competence.

I am an experienced supervisor, offering education, critical thinking and support in relation to the fields of mental health, domestic violence, trauma, relational dynamics and emergency services. Supervision is provided from a neuro-bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual perspective and encourages new learning, personal and professional development. Supervision also provides a space for mutual development of complex insights in to self and other.

In addition I can assist in supporting new graduates and social workers looking to become accredited mental health social workers or accredited clinical social workers. I have been an AMHSW for ten years, I am now an accredited clinical social worker and have run a successful private practice for over five years, I have learnt many valuable lessons along the way, that could assist others on their professional journey.


Social workers (who are not mental health accredited) are not required by AASW to have ongoing supervision, although it is best practice.

If you are in private practice, seeking external supervision or want to start pursuing the mental health accreditation and require to be supervised by an Accredited Clinical Social Worker, please get in touch.


The sessions can cover a range of issues, concerns, and competencies relevant to psychodynamics, trauma and mental health.


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“Reflection is an important strategy for life long learning, because it leads to the development of autonomy and self directed professionals. It stimulates personal growth and closes the gap between theory and practice.”

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